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QBE Automotive Protection in the Middle East

The Middle East has an estimated 35 million passenger cars on the road at any one time with up to three million new vehicle sales registered every year.

As demand for mobility grows, so too does the desire to protect the assets that provide it. Financial protection for vehicles has grown over the years, now covering a range of products from Extended Warranty and Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) to Return to Invoice and Vehicle Replacement cover.

One of the fastest growing segments is Extended Warranty, protecting vehicles against electrical and mechanical failure even after the original warranty has expired.

With sales in the Extended Warranty market for vehicles expected to exceed $60bn by 2030, it’s clear that today’s drivers are seeking a deeper level of protection for their vehicle.

Market-leading Extended Warranty insurance

QBE Automotive Protection is one of the leading Extended Warranty providers in the world, operating in 25 countries. We work with vehicle manufacturers, dealers, leasing companies, banks and other financial services providers to deliver the financial reassurance their customers need.

And through the use of advanced data analytics and a seamless online integration and purchase process, we are helping our partners increase customer loyalty while growing their bottom lines.

We have been bringing this digital-first approach to the Middle East for twenty years, providing Extended Warranty, GAP, Return to Invoice, Ding and Dent, Tyre cover and Vehicle Replacement cover to partners across the region.

And through DANNI, our bespoke digital platform, manufacturers, dealers and brokers are able to offer a range of cover under their own name and provide a claims service that enhances customer loyalty and their brand.

Whether it is one dealership or a global manufacturer, QBE Automotive Protection has the capability, the global reach and the financial security to support any organisation across the Middle East.

Delivering a region-wide proposition in the Middle East

QBE rolled out its first Extended Warranty regional programme across the Middle East in 2018. With the success of the programme, in 2020 when QBE was approached by another leading manufacturer to launch a programme on its behalf in seven countries, we knew we were the best-placed people in the market to do so.

The scope of the project was large, with many moving parts, and had to navigate several cultures, languages and legal systems. But our local team in Dubai worked with every party involved – from the manufacturer and the dealers to the local insurers and actuarial teams – to pull together a market-leading proposition in the region.

By combining proprietary data with that of our client, we were able to determine pricing levels to reflect local markets and create bespoke phraseology and marketing material – all while delivering a claims service that responds in minutes, rather than days.

“This wasn’t an easy programme to launch, but the QBE team was patient and always collaborative,” our client says. “We now have a programme that delivers consistent protection and service throughout our operations in the Middle East.

“The regular contact we have with even the most senior people at QBE and the resources placed at our disposal still amazes me. It shows the level of commitment QBE has to our partnership.”

Enhancing the claims process and sales through technology

DANNI is key to the delivery of the programme, providing an end-to-end digital solution for clients and a rapid-response claims service that operates across borders and cultures.

Our partners have generated over 100,000 product sales through our regional programmes on DANNI, prompting them to comment: “It’s been a great journey and I hope we will have many more in the future.”

Our combination of local presence and global reach enables us to provide prospective clients across the Middle East with the products, support and service they need to keep ahead of the pack in the region’s rapidly growing automotive market.

Your key contacts in the Middle East

Shaqeel Hussain

Shaqeel Hussain

Global Head of Automotive Protection

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Stacey Sim

Senior Underwriter

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Tarek Zein

Accounts Manager