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Fuel your ambitions

Our offering is broad, and our appetite is strong so whatever your business model we have a solution that will fit and fuel your ambitions.

Driving customer loyalty through data science

We provide dynamic digital and point-of-sale automotive loyalty and retention products that are individually tailored to the unique needs of your business, your customers, and the markets you operate in.

A more innovative risk partner


We have the knowledge, technology, and the data to give you and your customers exactly what you need. We use advanced algorithmic pricing models to price each risk precisely, driving conversion rates and long-term customer retention. With more than a decade’s experience working with businesses like yours on a digital marketing basis, we offer you the chance to tap into our advanced digital marketing capabilities and leverage your customer data to drive sales, retention, and loyalty. Our highly developed risk management capabilities ensure dependable data security.


When a customer comes to you for a new or used vehicle, we empower you to offer them a range of automotive protection products like extended warranties, vehicle replacement insurance, SMART Repair Insurance and tyre and alloy protection - products that bring them back to you for servicing, building another dimension of trust into your customer relationships. We give you all the support, training and materials you need to sell confidently and effectively, ensuring your customers get added-value, market leading products, backed by a market-leading service with products that deliver exactly what they promise.

Products tailored to you and your customers

We offer a range of digital direct-to-consumer and point-of-sale insurance solutions.

Extended Warranty

Return to Invoice

Financial GAP

Ding and Dent (Smart Repair)

Protect +

Vehicle Replacement

Your QBE Automotive Protection contacts

Speak directly to one of our experts and let us guide you through our products and solutions today.

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Simon Fletcher

Simon Fletcher

General Manager UK - Automotive Protection

Shaqeel Hussain

Shaqeel Hussain

Global Head of Automotive Protection

Ben Woods

Ben Woods

Underwriting Manager - Digital - Automotive Protection

Max Hitchcock

Max Hitchcock

AVP, Claims - Automotive Protection

Gavin Cowlard

Gavin Cowlard

Global Head of Underwriting - Automotive Protection

Dave Lincoln

Dave Lincoln

Senior Underwriter - Automotive Protection